Storage Services Laredo, TX

Storage & Packaging Services in Laredo, TX

Storage Services Laredo, TX

Moving is a stressful and labor-intensive process. You have been trying to pack all of your belongings and straighten up affairs, and time is running out. What you need is a one-stop shop for storage, packaging and shipping supplies at wholesale prices!

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There are a lot of options when it comes to your storage boxes. We all know that when the move finally happens, the unpacking process can take months. The china set from your grandma could be collecting dust in the basement before you even remember where you put it. You need the appropriate storage containers for these precious items. From file storage boxes, to wardrobe moving boxes, we have all shapes and sizes to make sure all of your possessions survive the move in one piece. 

Packaging Services Laredo, TX

Your Shipping & Packaging Supply Store

Don’t forget the packaging tape and the bubble wrap for those boxes! We’ve got it all at wholesale prices so that your items stay safe and secure inside the perfectly packed box.

Roger Cabello Wrecker Service can also help your mail get from point A to point B safely. From the bubble mailers for cushioning to the mailing tubes for rigid protection, we can supply something for all your mailing needs.

How to protect your furniture when moving.

It is important to protect your items when you are moving. First off you will need to gather packing supplies. This includes bubble wrap, mattress covers, plastic stretch wrap & storage boxes. It is key that you dismantle your furniture before you pack it. Make sure that you wrap delicate wood pieces in bubble wrap. Bubble wrap can also protect glass table tops and mirrors. When you are packaging your items be sure to place a giant x on the fragile items. You can use plastic wrap to protect upholstered items like couches and chairs. Roger Cabello Wrecker has all the packing and storage supplies that you will need for your next big move!

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It is important to have a place to store your valuables when you are moving. Roger Cabello Wrecker Service provides storage and packaging services for Laredo, TX. Please contact us to learn more about our storage services.

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